Terms and conditions

Let's be clear about this pick-and-go product shoot and it's deliverables.

  • 15 product shots featuring your brand
  • 5 non-product mood shots

These are non-exclusive, meaning that other brands will also be shot on the same day and location. If you want to know which other brands are involved, get in touch and we will discuss if these do or do not directly compete with yours.

The product photos will be uploaded as jpeg and tiff at 72 dpi to a dropbox folder for you to download within two weeks.

All packages MUST contain: brand name, docket list with all items included + a return label with shipping address.

• Return delivery costs are to be paid by the brand and are not provided by Zilla.
• If a return label is not provided, items will be stored for one week, after which they will be donated or discarded.
• Any unforeseen additional customs charges are added to an additional invoice.
• Brands are responsible for making sure their product is shipped in a timely manner. Please account for time delays at customs.
• If an item arrives unacceptably damaged, you will be contacted and given a chance to send a new item to be photographed before the planned shoot date.
• While every care will be taken, Zilla and her team are not responsible for any loss, theft or damages which occur during shipping or photoshoots.
• Weight limit for the total products is 10kg with a maximum size of 48 x 32 x 36 cm (a standard moving box). In the event that these are exceeded, please let me know before booking. Big, bulky products are more difficult to handle – which can mean specialist equipment is required along with an extra pair of hands to set up the shot.

Delivery address

Kasteelstraat 2 6598 BJ Heijen The Netherlands

All packages should be clearly marked:

• All content remains the copyrighted intellectual property of by Zilla. No trans- fer of copyright or ownership in any of the content is granted unless explicitly agreed to in writing.
• Pick-and-go packages include an unlimited social media license. Web, email or print materials of the imagery require an extra fee and need to be discussed seperately.
• By Zilla retains the right to use all imagery and behind the scenes made during the shoot in any manner at any time and in any part of the world for the purposes of advertising or otherwise promoting by Zilla’s work.
• Delivered photos will only be shared by me or my team after the official publication of the images by the client. If you have any specific ‘secrecy/stealth mode’ requirements, please mention this before agreeing to the terms.
• By Zilla will not be liable for any loss or damage to the client or any other party including loss of income. It is the client’s responsibility to insure against such loss and damage.
• by Zilla is not responsible for the storage of original files (not to say that I won’t). I recommend backing up the delivered images as soon as you download them.

• by Zilla cannot offer a refund in case the client is unsatisfied with the result.
That being said, I will always go out of my way to end up with a happy client.
• Should a shoot be delayed or canceled due to weather or sickness, we will re-schedule to the first possible date.
• Should any last-minute model substitutions be required, I will choose an equal value, similar model from the same agency.