Today is the first shoot of our Australia tour in which we want to capture the typical Sydney coastal vibe, but with a retro twist. We are excited about the model and stylist we got on board and can’t wait to get started.

16-02-2019 Sydney’s Ocean pools
It is weekend so buzzing with people that go for a a lap or casual dip in one of the 100 shark protected ocean pools of New South Wales. Kids run around while their parents spread their towel on the surrounding rocks for a tan and some lazing about. I almost forget we are working today. It feels like a summer holiday.

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The model steps into the water in a see-through dress. All the other men and women pretend to do their thing, but the stares are there. I stand next to the stylist who oversees the scene in contentment. “It’s sexy but classy”, she says.

I keep thinking about how strong and confident you need to be as a model. To be able to pose and act like nothing is going on, while you stand there half naked with the stinging eyes of dozens of passers-by. Grace does not show any insecurity at all and pretends to be alone with Michelle and her super-fast-clicking camera.

Grace, it’s even in her name. Gracefully she steps around the poolside looking like a regular on her daily visit. An old man dressed in a suit with a matching hat and towel passes by. It causes Michelle to almost trip over her own feet out of excitement how well he fits in this photoshoot. As if it is staged. But she only had seconds to work him in the frame together with the model. After he walked past, we look at each other with a big grin on our face. That was the shot, done!

Photographer Michelle van Dijk
Retoucher Zilla van den Born
Make-up Artist Juliëtte den Ouden
Stylist Margot Robinson
Model Grace Hodge
Producer Evert van de Braak