A last-minute shoot without much preparation. We’ve been moving back and forth between different Airbnb’s because it is difficult to find accomodation in this city. This cuts up our days and makes things a bit chaotic. But we want to create as much new work as possible while we are here so we cram in a last morning session before packing and leaving to the Gold Coast the day after.

21-02-2019 Maroubra

It was a bit of a stormy day which gave a refreshing moody attitude to our photos. Something we were really happy with, because it gives the shots a complete different look compared to the others we shot in the area nearby.

* All behind the scenes snapshots are displayed in black&white. Hover over them to reveal the colors.

While we are all focused on what’s happening behind the lens, a big wave suddenly enters the beach. In shock we look up and start running towards the pile of bags and clothes laying on the beach. But not in time..

The water washes over our stuff the moment we arrive, so we panicky try to safe as much as we can.

When the sea retreats Michelle realizes her other camera and lenses were there on the pile, but luckily our producer Evert grabbed the most important bag and kept it dry.

All the styling is completely soaked. Fortunately, we only have one dress left to shoot. Nature decided for us: it would be a wetlook.

Photographer Michelle van Dijk
Retoucher Zilla van den Born
Make-up Artist Juliëtte den Ouden
Stylist Molly King
Model Thanee Atkinson
Producer Evert van de Braak