The idea was to play with the wind: send some fabric up in the air and get things flowing. After lot’s of yo-yo-ing between different colors and types of fabric, we decided for a see-through light and sandy colored one which we thought would flutter gracefully. It was just one day in advance and the weather forecast app still predicted rain so we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

04-03-2019  Cape Byron Beach

Luckily, the sun came out. And even better: a light breeze joined us at the beach, which gave us the perfect conditions to shoot what we had in mind.

* All behind the scenes snapshots are displayed in black&white. Hover over them to reveal the colors.

Photographer Michelle van Dijk
Retoucher Zilla van den Born
Make-up Artist Juliëtte den Ouden
Stylist Alice Roberts
Model Zoë Cross
Producer Evert van de Braak