This is the Oscars under the Hairdressers and even being nominated is an honor. But of course, we cross our fingers for one of those coveted statues.

We as a team (but mostly our hair- and make-up queen Juliëtte) compete for a price in the categories ‘Men North’ and ‘Press’.

The jury will not only judge the hairdo’s and techniques, but looks at the overall photo. A winning series needs to stand out and draw eyes in the beauy- and fashion industry.


Coiffure Awards Gideon

Make-up & hair Juliëtte den Ouden
Photographer Michelle van Dijk
Retoucher Zilla van den Born
Stylist Jody Scot
Models BOSS models CA
Sanele Xaba, Gideon Allen, Liam, Jay Jay, Jeremy
Assistance Liz van den Akker


Choosing an outfit for this gala already started weeks or months before. Everyone is doing their utmost to look great.

To be honest, the ‘black-tie’ dresscode stressed me out a little bit. I am not the kind of girl that wears dresses. So I looked through countless webshops in hope to find something I would be comfortable in, without succes.

I decided to be a bit rebellious and go for pants. But find the most glamorous ones I could. And I did!



After an afternoon full of laughs and hopeful speculations, team JDO Academy is ready and excited to go hit the red carpet.


In total there are 13 awards to be given away so there is a lot of waiting which makes the tension go up. In between there are hairshows and singers to bring entertainment, but it eventually all leads to that one moment..

Even though it wouldn’t even be me who would have to walk up onto that stage to potentially receive an award, I am still a bundle of nerves and cling my fists together till we finally receive the revealling words:

JULLIËTTE DEN OUDEN, winner of the category ‘Men North’

The jury’s words: “Silver, serene and sure. This series not only exudes professional knowledge and craftsmanship, but also self-confidence and vision. A beautiful balance between diversity and contemporary themes.”

In the end it is not one, but two awards our power woman takes home.

JULIUETTE DEN OUDEN, winner in the category ‘Press’

Oh what a relief and joy. But the thing that touched me most was the emotional speech that Juliëtte gives, which leaves us all with tears in our eyes.

Ofocurse we had something to celebrate. So we danced the night away and were one of the last ones to leave the party.

We did it. All the hard work payed off!

I couldn’t be more grateful and proud to be a part of this amazing team.