03-03-2019 Suffolk Park

We wake up with the sound of a big downpour. Which makes me worried this shoot day will not go as planned.

But our model Rafa runs outside with her hands up in the air, dancing around while getting soaked. She loves rain and I can see why. With this warm temperature it feels good and refreshing to let the water splash on your skin.

To me, rain usually means dark skies and grey moods. It affects me in a negative way. But this is another take on rainfall. And I realize I can change my perception for the better.

The earthy scent of fresh air after the rain; I take it in deeply and smile. This day couldn’t have started any better.

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Girl in the rain
Dance in the rain
Beach bliss photoshoot bts byzilla
Beach bliss photoshoot bts byzilla

Photographer Michelle van Dijk
Make-up Artist Juliëtte den Ouden
Retoucher Zilla van den Born
Drone footage Zilla van den Born
Models Rafa Consentino and Eva Perfido
Producer Evert van de Braak