Stepping away from the standardised Beauty Industry to embrace inclusivity.

Man with vitiligo holding hat

The definition of ‘authentic’: the quality of being real or true

– worthy of acceptance or belief
– true to one’s own personality, spirit, or characteristics
– not a copy of anything else

Basically, it comes down to:
“we are all different, we are all human. And therefore we are the same“.

Behind the scenes styling capetown
camera angle photoshoot beach
Huge sunhat
cold during photoshoot
Authenticity photoshoot behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of model with vitiligo and albinism

Words from the photographer Michelle.

“The black represents the Yin in us (our feminine) and the white the Yang (our masculine). The black represents our shadows, and the white our light. The black our chaos and the white our structure. The black our intuition (how heart led we are) and the white our logic (the ways in which we are led by our head). Each and every one of us are made of these contrasts, because we are all made of the same material – we are cut from the same cosmic cloth.”

We are not one or the other. We all contain the spirit of both ying and yang. Black and white.

Publication Coiffure magazine

This shoot is part of the ‘Work of contrast’ project.


Team credits

Photography Michelle van Dijk
by Zilla
Make-up Artist Juliëtte den Ouden
Models Moostapha Saidi,
Nontobeko Mbuyazi (Models International South Africa)
Styling Ky Bxshxff