January and its 'fresh start effect' are here again. After evaluating the year in my 2020 roundup post, it is time to add and subtract from my list of life goals with a renewed look.

This year was different. Normally, at this time of the year, I feel like I have the world at my feet. But after all that happened with the pandemic, I feel much more restricted in dreaming big.

But fear should not rule. Even though things are still uncertain, it is important to think ahead with optimism and confidence.

So here are the 9 goals that I will be aiming for this year.

Breathe mask

1. Redecorate the new house

In February we get the keys to the new house and I cannot wait to start making the place our own. I’ve been collecting interior inspiration on Pinterest boards for years. Time to translate those into something real.

2. Host a mini-festival

Ok, ok. We still have no idea where this Covid-thing is going and for how long we will have party restrictions. But I like to get my hopes up and strive for hosting a mini-festival for our friends in the new garden somewhere next summer.

3. More me-time moments

Now that we haven’t had a place to ourselves for over a year (living together with our parents and friends), I have realized how much of an introvert I am. I really do need me-time to charge my batteries, which has been really difficult to accomplish without a home.

In the upcoming year, I want to pay more attention to noticing when my resources are running low and knowing what to do to replenish them instead of letting them drain till exhaustion. Self-care is going to be high on my agenda.

zilla van den Born
Playing big tara mohr in bath

4. Plan weekly date-nights

Evert and I want to make sure we do not fully absorb ourselves with the many house renovation and decoration projects, but also spend time to connect and grow our relationship. We decided to commit to (at least) one date-night a week of quality time together, starting right now.

5. Make it my most profitable year so far

Corona has been tough on my income, but even in these slow times, I have worked very hard to grow my knowledge and build my portfolio to where it is today. Now I will push even harder to also grow the business side of things to become more efficient and profitable in the upcoming year.

6. Be fearless again about driving a car

Moving more than an hour away from the city and my friends means I really need to overcome that fear of driving a car. I know I can do it. It just has been such a long time ago that I sat behind the wheel, that it makes me a bit nervous to even think about it.

The first step is buying a loyal four-wheeler to practice with.

7. Travel to the sun in winter

After two years of semi-escaping the cold for only some months, it is time for another full winter escape to somewhere tropical while living the digital nomad life. Not sure where to. Time will tell.

8. Organize a fund-raiser

We’ve been talking about it a lot already but haven’t put it into action yet.

The ‘Work of contrast’ project that I’ve worked on as a retoucher together with photographer Michelle van Dijk and make-up and hair artist Juliëtte den Ouden has generated a lot of attention over the past couple of years.

In 2021 we would love to close it off with a sales exhibition to bring in money for a good cause related to Albinism.

Authenticity vitiligo albinism
Authenticity albinism Nontebeko

Two pieces of the ‘Work of contrast’ project

9. Post a blog each-and-every Monday for a full year

I don’t know why, but I keep starting blog posts that I never finish. Probably because my head is already busy with the next new idea, plan or project. Which is such a waste of time and energy. Therefore I plan on finishing all of those old posts and try to be more consistent in doing blog updates.

The goal is to create a fun, sustainable routine to keep this ‘by Zilla’ space on the web alive and kicking.

So, that being said. See you next week?