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Product video & photography

A hassle-free content package for beauty or jewelry brands.

October / November ’24

These blindingly white hot water pools are formed by carbonate minerals cascading down from the Turkish mountains. The soft and spongy bottom with it’s bright turquoise water surfaces make for a surreal sight.

Photos made at this natural phenomenon will definitely turn eyes.

If this isn’t a special location..?

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Animal day

Product video & photography

A hassle-free content package for beauty brands.

18+19 September 2023

Could you use some content to post on animal day? Or perhaps to show your brand’s commitment to cruelty-free practices?

Picture your products surrounded by some adorable bunnies, a donkey or fluffy sheep. As an avid animal lover, I approach this photoshoot with unwavering patience, ensuring they are at ease while shooting.

I set up a fabric backdrop on location so the photos will get a natural light feel, with an ‘indoor’ type background; occasionally showing some farm or nature elements together with the animals and your products.

Animals present: donkey, sheep, lambs, rabbits, alpaca, goats, pig, chicken, dog, cat, ducks, guinea pig, goose

This high dose of cuteness will captivate hearts and drive unparalleled engagement.

* Shooting with models is possible on request with additional charges.

** This photo shoot will only take place if there is enough interest.

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Photo by Zilla

The moodboard

The moodboard

Our animal models

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Once in a while, I will send out an email to my list, to alert you of any new upcoming trips and locations. If you feel like one of the locations fits your message and style, secure a spot through email or this page.

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Shipping + Preps

You ship your products to my home base in the Netherlands so that they can travel with me. Or they can be sent to the shoot location directly. A questionnaire is then sent your way to make sure we are on the same page about the desired results.


Shoot & retouch

It is time to get creative with your products. Afterward, during retouch the lines are straightened, dust and scratches removed and colors corrected.


Content delivery

Your products will be returned. Two weeks after the shoot you will receive a download link by email. A folder full of convincing content is now waiting to be shared with the world.

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