What do you do when a client cancels last-minute and you have already booked a beautiful location? You gather a team to create a next-level portfolio shoot.

For some reason, my preparations for a product shoot did seem to easily translate into a Beauty and Fashion story. And boy o boy, did I surpass my own expectations. Maybe, it just needed to happen this way.



Ultimate Minimal, the title says enough. I wanted to make good use of the light- and shadowplay that the gorgeous big windows in this space bring forward. Play with those lines and shapes and keep things simple.

In the middle of the room, a concrete stairs appears from nowhere. The rest of the space is empty. The owners will renovate and decorate it to be their living room in the future. For now, it is used as a photo studio.

I am happy it is. What a gorgeous location.

The minimalistic living room, wherein the old days’ cheese was made, is connected to the boiler house. Here, the walls are reminiscent of times gone by with its old worn stucco and steel windows. A completely different vibe, which I am not sure will fit the theme.

But the grungy background turns out to give a nice characteristic touch and we end up with a happy addition to the series made in this space.

On the first part of the day, we focused on clean, minimalistic and cold tones. Now, it was time to switch things up and look for a more warm and cozy outcome.

Shot on the same day, on the same location and with the same models.
Just with a different look at things.

The feathers, plume and twigs are props that were used as decoration pieces at the location, which we deemed suitable to use in order to make things a little more interesting. Somehow, when you look around with a creative eye, there are always items and backgrounds to find that make an interesting combination.

Or as Solstice Magazine coined it in the publication “Know no boundaries”.


Photography & retouch by Zilla, JDO Management
Hair & Make-up  Juliëtte den OudenJDO Management
Models Victoria Geno & Christina Zimmermann, Inbetween Models

Styling Wide-legged beige trousers Essentiel-Antwerp , Snowwhite long dress Ivy & Oak , Trenchcoat Ivy & Oak , Pleated collar Arket , Rib-knit Mohair Hood Arket , Beige Linen Robe Arket , Wide strap tricot top caramel Haight , Beige scarf Uniqlo , Jewelry By1oak

Location Fabriek Zuidermeer

Published in Solstice Magazine