PORTFOLIO BOOST – the pool shoot edition

A shoot weekend together with a group of like-minded creatives. Fully catered and produced at a beautiful location, so that everyone can focus on their craft.

3 Teams including a photographer, make-up/hair artist and model, 4 different concepts prepared by our stylist Yoni and an amazing Pool location.

On the Portfolio Boost day we go through the whole Beauty- & Fashion photoshoot process together.

Behind the scenes make-up
Behind the scenes Portfolio boost pool shoot
Fruits funny selfie


The day prior to the Portfolio Boost shoot we presented the different themes and mood boards to pick from for the next day. The one that was regarded as the most challenging involved a Beauty shoot around floating fruit.

It turned out to make an interesting picture: the colors of the fruit and matching make-up contrasted beautifully with the blonde model and light blue water.

The owner of the pool was a little less happy with this concept considering he found lots of fruit hidden in the pool drainages afterward (even though we thought we had cleaned it thoroughly).

Nikon camera preview portfolio boost
Pool shoot fruits beauty
Pool shoot fruit beauty
Behind the scenes pool photoshoot
Behind the scenes pool photoshoot
Portfolio boost pool shoot
Group of creatives discussing a photoshoot


Photography Melissa Croon
Make-up Artist  Robin van den brink
Model Noah van de Linden
Model Agency Cachet models
Styling Yoni Zuijderwijk
Production by ZillaJDO Management & Michael Graste
Catering Jessie de Booij
Super-star assistent Evert van de Braak


But wait… there was more.
At the end of the day we did a freestyle shoot with the whole group together!

Behind the scenes portfolio boost by the pool


We all gather around the pool to shoot the last part of the Portfolio Boost. It is “one for all and all for one” now with this completely different theme.

Vintage pool party styling with bold colorful bathing suits, head caps, and beachballs + air matrasses as props.

We run around cowboy style, shooting the same models and setting from different angles. This is really what the Boost day is all about: teamwork and sharing our creative joy.

Drone overview pool shoot
Portfolio Boost Retro pool shoot
Retro pool shoot models
Retro pool shoot bathcap
Retro style shoot 3 models
Retro pool laughing


Photography Michale Graste
Make-up Artist Janet Daniëls
Model Merel Roggeveen


Photography Patricia de Ley
Make-up Artist Esra van der Meer
Model Tess Kramer


Photography Melissa Croon
Make-up Artist  Robin van den brink
Model Noah van de Linden