PORTFOLIO BOOST – the pool shoot edition

A shoot weekend together with a group of like-minded creatives. Fully catered and produced at a beautiful location, so that everyone can focus on their craft.

One of the most rewarding things in the creative industry is making connections with others and working together. Since I myself experienced how difficult it can be to find the right people and build a strong portfolio from the ground up, I’ve been walking around with the idea to organize a Portfolio Boost for a while.

To provide a safe environment to experiment, learn, connect, grow and above all have a good time.


Today was finally the day. And it wouldn’t have mattered much or I canceled everything.

The past two days I’ve been in bed with terrible migraines that make me ignore my long to-do list and surrender to the pain. I still need to prepare all the sleeping places, do the groceries, prepare a presentation and confirm the models before the participants arrive tonight.

It all seems a bit too much to me, but my amazing team convinces me to continue with it all and insist on taking over my tasks. And looking back, I am so glad they did.

Unfortunately, our demo model cancels due to sickness the moment we are waiting for her to arrive at the train station. So we need to improvise and rearrange the shoot teams and time schedule.

Flexibility is one of the main characteristics needed for all involved team members of a photoshoot.

No model? Ok, we will share. Rain? Let’s use umbrellas and keep shooting. Dark clouds? Let’s pull out the lights. Forgot a tool or prop? Find another.

BTS make-up by Janet


This concept is all about elegant classy styling with flowy colorful dresses. Fashion combined with an element of water to create unique images.

Yoni, our stylist, had the difficult task to gather items that are allowed into the chlorine pool. Something most designers understandably are not a fan of.

Behind the scenes muah at work

It is special to see how everyone has a different eye.

Even when Michael and I start shooting the same model in the same setup, we end up with different photos. And that is exactly what is really inspiring in working alongside other creative teams. Seeing their moves, directions to the model, choice of light, and angle. Working together definitely helps in becoming a better and more diverse creator.


Photography Michale Graste / Zilla van den Born
Make-up Artist Janet Daniëls
Model Merel Roggeveen
Models Cachet models
Styling Yoni Zuijderwijk
Production by Zilla & JDO Management
Catering Jessie de Booij
Super-star assistent Evert van de Braak