PORTFOLIO BOOST – the pool shoot edition

A shoot weekend together with a group of like-minded creatives. Fully catered and produced at a beautiful location, so that everyone can focus on their craft.

Central to this Portfolio Boost is the pool at Villa Veenendaal. So we are getting a bit nervous when the weather forecast seems like a hit and miss for sun. Till the very last moment, we keep hesitant on wetter or not to continue this shoot day.

We decide to go for it, since the weather will always be unpredictable in the Netherlands and the last week has seen lots more sun rays than expected.

weather forecast portfolio boost


It is a little grey in the sky, but at least it is dry. We turn up the heat of the swimming pool to 30 degrees so that our models won’t be shivering and covered in goosebumps. But even with the warmer water, it is still pretty cold to lay still for a while during the shoot. So we make sure we have some thick warm dressing gowns ready for the girls.

Our models arrive, the make-up artists get ready and everyone is excited to start. It is going to be a long but fun day.

Make-up in the pool
Water beauty behind the scenes
Behind the scenes pool beautyshoot
Beauty pool shoot water
Pool shoot behind the scnenes

Every photographer tends to have his or her own way of maneuvering a photoshoot. Some talk and direct a lot, others are quiet and let their model make up their own moves.

Patricia is the one that looks for all the location variations and possibilities. So apart from the pool, she takes her model to every not special looking corner to make good use of the different surroundings.

Sometimes a simple background wall or greenery can be enough to create a striking image.

Behind the scenes portfolio boost
Make-up esra van de meer
Behind the scenes by zilla
Tess Kramer Portfolio Boost
Tess Kramer Beauty shoot
Selfie shoot behind the scenes
Beauty orange mak-up
Pool shoot fashion

Somewhere halfway through the day, a big dark cloud comes to disturb us with some rain. At first, we try to ignore it, but it gets to a point we really need to hurry to get all the equipment safe and dry.

We decide to put the lunch forward and enjoy a well-deserved break. Luckily afterward the sun even starts to shine.

Serving a salad
Lunch portfolio boost
Happy commercial shoot portfolio boost
Jump commercial photoshoot
Teamwork behind the scenes portfolio boost


Photography Patricia de Ley
Make-up Artist Esra van der Meer
Model Tess Kramer
Models Cachet models
Styling Yoni Zuijderwijk
Production by ZillaJDO Management & Michael Graste
Catering Jessie de Booij
Super-star assistent Evert van de Braak


Want to see more of this shoot? Check out the portfolio page of Patrica.


Behind the scenes of the other Portfolio Boost attendees are coming soon.


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