Shooting at the Dutch Coiffure Awards Show of 2022

As a photographer, one of the challenges you may face is to have to work with limited space and under tight time constraints. This was the case for me when I had the opportunity to photograph all 16 models at last year's Dutch Coiffure Awards show 'Unity' by Juliëtte den Ouden.

With only a couple of minutes per model and a small area to work with, I had to be creative in order to capture images that did justice to all the hard work that went into creating the incredible hairdo masterpieces.


Unity for Albinism

This extraordinary hair show served as an ode to Africa, embodying the values of equality, acceptance, and diversity. Moreover, it carried a profound purpose as it raised funds and awareness for a noble cause. On stage, Juliette proudly unveiled her new foundation: Unity for Albinism. A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting projects for people with Albinism.

The hair show not only celebrated artistic creativity and beauty but also highlighted the power of unity and the importance of embracing diversity. It showcased a vibrant fusion of African-inspired hairstyles, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the continent. Models adorned with stunning and intricate hair designs gracefully strutted down the runway, emanating confidence, resilience, and the spirit of inclusivity.

Beyond the breathtaking hairstyles, this event left a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of its attendees. It served as a catalyst for change, raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with albinism in Africa and promoting the need for equal opportunities and acceptance.

The light setup

In the pursuit of capturing all these special hairpieces and models in a way that seemed to fit with the theme, I bought a carpet to serve as the backdrop and create a raw structured background.

As a main light, I used a B10plus with a small deep umbrella and diffuser directed towards a V-flat and then bounced the light towards the model in a soft glow.

A second B10plus, with orange gel and grid attached, casts a gentle kiss of warmth upon the background. This added depth and dimension, infusing the visuals with a tantalizing aura.

Lighting diagram coiffure show by zilla

Team credits

Creative concept and show Juliette den Ouden

Dedicated to Unity for Albinism

Photography & Retouch Zilla van den Born

Backstage Hair and Make-up team
Juliette den OudenAnouk van EmmerikChantal van ‘t HoffEsra vdmIvonne MartensLily OngLisa LenssenLiza LomannHairlab VelmCeline BakxWiardi KoopmeinersLonneke Koele-Heemskerk

Anat Dychtwald
Styling assistant
Fayola Wekker

Models by APL Models
Uwuziee , ZakiyaZoë NagtegaalAshley EsméeDemi JonkZabih SaidiPasminie GajadharFareda JohnsonNube LetaleMeltjooMannyAbiëlAnah HiltonTinotenda MushoreMonika JoakimDody Osasu , Ghislaine Gresnigt

Hair sponsor
Zascha hair

Behind the scenes & show fotografie
Hulya Aydos

Event & video Coiffure Awards
Location Studio 21, Hilversum

Shot with
Sony a7R4
90mm 2.8 Macro G OSS
24-70mm F2.8 GM

Profoto B10Plus + Deep Small Umbrella white & diffuser
Profoto B10Plus + Grid & Gel kit