Pinkalicious, dreamy and sweet. With a theme like this, my inner child became overly excited to start and play around with the photoshoot props: a bubble machine, iridescent ribbon, glitter and different types of candy.

Today we are shooting product and beauty shots for the spring collection of my nail polish client Gelamour. The concept? A joyful new beginning with cute, happy pink colors. Add up a beautiful model and colorful styling plus props and this could not be other than a fun photoshoot.

Sticky stuff & flying fluff

I thought the spun sugar would be difficult to work with because it turns sticky and dark when you touch it, but it turned out to be perfect for shaping and styling a cloud-like background for the product photographs.

You can pull out the candy cotton fluff, merge it together and it easily stays in any position you want.

I even went (maybe a little overboard) by letting the product fly. It just felt like the backdrop was dramatic enough for such an extravagant photo edit.

Gelamour product collection

Accidents do and will happen

It’s the horror of all photographers:  only after having shot 1 photo during the model shoot, I tripped over the tether cable and pulled my camera to the ground. The lens broke off and left a ‘computer-board’ exposed.

I broke out in a sweat, didn’t know what to say and looked at the scene in disbelieve. Did I really just drop my brand new Sony camera?

My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to continue the shoot and that the whole team had come all the way to my studio for nothing. Gladly, my camera turned out to be fine – it was just the lens that had broken.

Now I know the importance of backup gear. I was able to continue the shoot with another lens, so I got off with just a fright and ‘some’ repair expenses.


Photography & Retouch by Zilla
Hair & Make-up Willemijn Roebroek
Model Jazzlyn Koene (Cachet Models)
Nail-artist Sanne Vervoort
Styling Linda van Nunen
Nailpolish brand Gelamour


Photography & Retouch by Zilla
Hair & Make-up  Juliëtte den Ouden  Models Dorise Rienhart (de Boekers), Amy (VDM Model Management), Isha van Dijk Jewelry Ocean Republic + personal items Fragnance Cottoncake + Coqui Coqui